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Brit Care Cat Can Kitten – Chicken (80g)

A hypoallergenic and easily digestible natural product, providing high tolerance of the food and limiting the occurrence of allergic reactions and food intolerances. This product does not burden cats’ organisms.

Brit Premium Cat Pouch – Family Plate Jelly (85g x 12)

1,150.00৳  1,090.00৳ 
Complete Premium Wet Cat Food For Adult Cats. – 3x Fillets With Chicken In Jelly – 3x Fillets With Salmon In Jelly – 3x Fillets With Beef In Jelly – 3x Fillets With Trout In Jelly

Royal Canin Cat Regular Fit32 (2kg)

To meet the specific requirements of adulthood, cats need nutrition of a high quality. FIT 32 is a balanced and complete feed which contains the right level of beneficial nutrients to maintain adult cats in good health. HEALTHY WEIGHT The adapted calorie content of the FIT 32 formula helps maintain the ideal weight of adult cats having a moderate amount of exercise. HAIRBALL REDUCTION FIT 32 helps stimulate intestinal transit and the elimination of ingested hair thanks to specific fibres including psyllium. URINARY HEALTH Formulated to help maintain health of an adult cat’s urinary system.

Royal Canin Persian Adult (400g)

Royal Canin Persian breed-specific dry cat food is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of this purebred cat 1 year and older – Special Long Hair. – Hairball Reduction. – Digestive Performance.