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Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (946ml)

1,550.00৳  999.00৳ 
Here are some of the more common benefits you can derive by using apple cider vinegar as a natural product for both cats and dogs:
  • It can be used as a daily health supplement
  • As an ear care product.
  • As a natural pet care product to fight fleas and ticks
  • It can be used to obtain relief for various skin problems
  • Use it for skunk odor removal
  • As an ingredient to reduce weight
  • To improved dog fertility
  • To remove cat urine spray

Brit Care Cat Can Kitten – Chicken (80g)

A hypoallergenic and easily digestible natural product, providing high tolerance of the food and limiting the occurrence of allergic reactions and food intolerances. This product does not burden cats’ organisms.

Brit Care Cat Crazy – I’m Kitten (2kg)

I’m a fast-growing kitten, so I need a diet rich in meat, nutrients and vitamins for the healthy development of my muscles, senses and immune system.
  Vitamin C and prebiotics build up the body’s natural defences and help to protect me from weakness and illness.
  For my muscles to develop properly, I need food with a high content of easily digestible and high-quality proteins.
  Ample levels of DHA and EPA fatty acids support the healthy development of my nervous system.

Brit Care Cat Lucky – I’m Vital Adult (2kg)

I’ve reached adulthood and I live in a house by a river with a dog and a human. Occasionally, I run off to explore the woods on the other side, and when I get hungry I come and see what’s in my bowl. It contains food that smells and tastes amazing.
Because I like meat and treats, it is important to keep my teeth in perfect condition. Vitamin effectively dissolves bacteria in the oral cavity, while sodium hexametaphosphate prevents the excessive build-up of plaque and tartar.
Psyllium, one of the most efficient natural fibres, is important for my proper digestion.
Arginine and taurine, for their part, keep me in tiptop condition. After all, I have a lot of running around to do.

Brit Care Cat Monty – I’m Living Indoor (7kg)

When I moved into my home, a new room with a cat climbing frame, numerous places to nap and plenty of toys awaited me. I welcome everyone who comes to visit me in my kingdom. However, I am not prepared to share the granules in my bowl with anyone. They are tasty and good for my digestion. Most importantly, hairballs are a thing of the past.
  My thick fur gets stuck on my tongue and then I swallow it. The combination of soluble fibres made from psyllium, beet and apple helps to dissolve any hairballs so they can easily pass through the digestive tract.
  Yucca extract boosts a healthy metabolism and makes excrement less smelly.
  The HMF complex with vitamin C prevents the formation of tartar and promotes healthy gums.

Brit Care Cat Pouch – Tuna in Gravy (80g)

Composition: Tuna 46 %, Rice, Food Starch Modified, Tuna Crude Oil, Water. Analytical ingredients: Crude protein 11,5 %, Crude Fat

Brit Premium Cat Adult Chicken (1.5kg)

Delicate chicken with chicken liver for adult cats.

Brit Premium Cat Adult Chicken (8kg)

Delicate chicken with chicken liver for adult cats.

Brit Premium Cat Indoor (1.5kg)

Delicate chicken with chicken liver for indoor cats.

Brit Premium Cat Pouch – Chicken Chunks in Gravy For Kitten (100g)

Complete Premium Cat Wet food for Kitten. Part of your cat’s daily routine is his morning helping of his favourite

Brit Premium Cat Pouch – Family Plate Jelly (85g x 12)

1,150.00৳  1,090.00৳ 
Complete Premium Wet Cat Food For Adult Cats. – 3x Fillets With Chicken In Jelly – 3x Fillets With Salmon In Jelly – 3x Fillets With Beef In Jelly – 3x Fillets With Trout In Jelly

Brit Premium Cat Pouch with Chicken Fillets in Gravy for Kitten (85g)

Composition: 82% meat and animal derivatives in fillets (8% chicken), vegetable protein extracts, derivatives of vegetable origin (0.4% inulin), minerals,